Tuesday, September 19, 2017

October 2017 Workshops in SO CA Coming Soon: AZ, No CA, NM and OR

Here is my current list of classes for 2017. Please check back often as I will update this list often.

I'm ALWAYS looking for new teaching venues so if you know of any that may be interested, I'd love to hear. I have taught a wide range of ages from individuals to small groups to large gatherings. I have held classes at stores, museums, backyards, garages, studios, public and private schools as well as private homes. I also am available for teaching home schooling art classes.

My workshops are always process-based learning while creating a unique product. I am well known for not traveling light and bring a large variety of supplies including (but not limited to) collage material, rubber stamps, stencils, pens, markers, tape and more.

Please note the small supply list for each class.

If you're not near where I'll be teaching, but you're interested in taking a class, I do offer a variety of online classes (27 different online workshops as of March 2015.) You can find out more info on the right side of my main blog.

Thank YOU for your interest!




25th Pnina's Studio San Diego TBA

26th Designing Letters Mar Vista TBA


1st-3rd Maria's Studio Niles, CA TBA   

9th Pnina's Studio San Diego TBA  

10th Designing Letters Mar Vista, TBA 

MORE TBA in 2017!


I hope to see you there!

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